October 15th Session

After being ambushed by the bone nagas during the night, the party decided to leave Skull City to find a more secure camp in the jungle outside town. In departing they were ambushed by a vampire, a wight, and their zombie minions. Ultimately, the party was able to defeat the zombies and the wight, but the vampire was able to flee. As they left the city they found that they were being watched by an unidentifiable figure who disappeared in the shadows.

Exiting the city earned the party an extended rest and upon waking the next morning they agreed to rush the entrance of the Skull hill hoping to reach it with no further incident.

In rushing the hill, the party attempted to cover the 100 yards from the city gate to the hill entrance, but they were ambushed by another group who was a little different from the humans and undead they had encountered before now. This group consisted of a human, a shifter, a deva, and a half-elf. The two groups battled, but the party was able to enter Skull hill. In entering, they watched as their attackers retreated from the hill and overheard their statement that they had failed in stopping another group. The party called out to their attackers to find out what they had failed in doing to which they received the response, “To stop you from the folly you’ve started.”

The entrance hallway of the hill was covered in worn paintings and the floor opened into 10’ deep pits with bent, corroded spikes. At the far end of the hall, the Keepers found that a large relief had been carved from the wall. The only two possible exits from this hall were a door and a small 5’ alcove at the far end. The alcove revealed no secrets so the Keepers turned their attention to the door. They found a creative solution to deal with the pit leading to the door and gained entrance to a 10’ long hallway. It is in this hall that the party rested to recover from their previous battle and discovered two relics they never would’ve expected: Arabold found a leather armband which belonged to his master and Bork found a pendant which used to belong to his grandfather. Neither have seen those items for years.

Continuing to investigate the Tomb, the next entered the room off the 10’ hall and found it had three possible exits to the south. After a very thorough investigation of the room, they learned that the center and right door took them in a seemingly pointless, circuitous path returning them to the room from which they started. The far left door appeared to grant access to a 5’ alcove. After inspecting the alcove a few times, they learned that a secret door existed and began traversing the multiple alcoves, each containing their own secret door.

The ultimate destination was a long, wide hall which was also painted in the manner of the entrance. The main difference between the two was that there were small indented circles in regular intervals along the walls. Beneath each of these indentions were shards of colored glass. These shards appeared to make up a small glass disk which were set within the wall. Their purpose remains unknown. In this hall, Quarion could hear the sound of someone sobbing but could not discern the location. No one else could hear it. Off this hall, the party found a narrow tunnel which wound it way to a small chapel concealed by a secret entrance.

The chapel contained two rows of four pews separated by a center aisle. At the far end of the chapel a short wall separated them from the sitting area and an altar sitting on a raised dais. While making their way through this room, the Keepers were attacked by three large, wraith-like beings composed only of many heads which sang a cacophony of funeral hymns. Ending the battle victorious, but out of resources the group finds themselves with two possible exits. A 5’ alcove to the west of the altar and a hall to the east.



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