July 9, 2011 Session

1) Players raised from dead by Henry, woodland priest of Melora.
2) Players were attacked by a group of elves and it was learned that an order was given by the King (Varris) to attack any non-elf found in the forest.
3) The players quickly retreated the forest to Fallcrest to speak with Lord Markelhay.
4) In speaking with Lord Markelhay, the retired captain Maxwell, and the up-coming captain Nethel they learned several things:

a) The Bloodspear orcs of Cairngorm have become increasingly active.

b) There was an attack on a sacred grove by humans who are now being held captive by the elves.

c) One human is being executed every day until Lord Markelhay presents himself to the elves.

d) The Iron Circle (in the south) is growing.

e) There have been unknown creatures found near Thunderspire that pass a disease which no one has survived.

f) Nimozaran was killed two days ago.

g) Quarion & Tishea’s alchemist shop was burned to the ground by an elf raid.

h) Derrick, halfling alchemist, is now working for the Blue Moon Alehouse with his aunt brewing unique ales.

i) The elves have been conducting nightly raids against Fallcrest in which they slip through the guard wall and set fire to buildings using a substance that water does not extinguish – this substance is being investigated by Derrick.

5) Lord Markelhay is unable to leave the city to go to the elves so he sends the players in his place.

a) The Lord gives them a document to present to the elves that they are speaking on his behalf.

b) Due to Nimozaran’s death, Tishea and Quarion are offered the position of Septarch of the Green Tower – Tishea accepts and her first task is to investigate the murder of Nimozaran.

c) Before leaving, the players go to the green tower and after thorough investigation Arabold finds the burned remnants of a parchment containing a list of “names”.

d) Eliza visits the local temple and learns their old friend Bork has returned to town and asks him to accompany them on their quest – Bork accepts.

6) Tishea continues her investigation of the tower to no avail while the others ride to visit the elves.

a) On the way the players are attacked by the unknown creatures that pass their disease to each of the players who are ultimately able to fight off the effects.

b) The elves attack the players upon entering the woods and after a brief, but tense parlay the players are taken before the commander of the elf army, Darathra.

c) Darathra explains that the attack was under the order of Lord Markelhay and allow the players to speak with the remaining human prisoner, Horus.

d) Horus explains that they were offered 25 gp each to go to the forest, cut down and strip the bark of the Shadowbark tree. They were told this was ordered by Lord Markelhay via representative named Germane Anion Zerth.

e) The players explain to Darathra their findings and ask to be given more time to investigate – Darathra agrees to not execute the remaining prisoner and will release him under the condition that the elf prisoners in Fallcrest are released and returned within 5 days.

f) The players agree and race back to Fallcrest to explain their findings to Lord Markelhay.

g) Lord Markelhay agrees to release the elf prisoner, provides horses for them, and sends his wife and guard as a good faith gesture.

h) The players then return to the investigation.

i. They head to McGinty & Son’s loan house to see if the books are still available – they were sold to pay off the loan for the alchemist shop.

ii. Upon arrival, McGinty is found murdered with no apparent entry by the killer – the Vecna books which were sold to McGinty have been stolen.

iii) The players continue investigating the Septarch’s tower and ultimately find a religious icon of Vecna.

7) The players ride out to join Lord Markelhay’s wife, the prisoners, and guard.

a) They catch up as the camp is attacked by the unknown creatures – the prisoners and a few remaining guards ride off to ensure the prisoners arrive home safely.

b) Lady Markelhay was killed in the attack.

c) The elves release Horus and he returns to Fallcrest with the remaining guards.

d) The elves raise Lady Markelhay as a good faith gesture.

e) The next morning the players return home with Lady Markelhay.

8) The players destroy the magic circle in the top of the Septarch’s tower and are searching for a means to lock/alarm the room to notify them of intrusion.



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