Derrick Brownbottle



Derrick Brownbottle is the nephew of Kemara Brownbottle, brewmaster of the Blue Moon Alehouse. Derrick exhibits a love of alchemy that rivals his aunt. While Kemara uses her skill to brew many flavorful and enticing brews to serve in the alehouse, Derrick uses his abilities to craft alchemical potions and reagents.

Derrick was hired to work for Quarion II and T’shea in an joint-venture alchemist shop. The shop was located in Fallcrest and had just started to make ground when an elven raid (due to the attack on the elf sacred grove) resulted in it being burned to the ground. Derrick was able to escape with his life and a few books which belonged to Quarion II. To clear the lien on the shop Derrick sold the books to William McInty, the local moneylender.

Since the destruction of the alchemist shop, Derrick has been splitting his time working with his aunt Kemara making some very unique brews and working for T’shea, the new Septarch of Fallcrest.

Derrick Brownbottle

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